السبت، 24 سبتمبر 2011

What Capitalism, Modernity & Technology Do To the Supermarket

1-  When you enter a supermarket or a large mall (Hyper One, Carrefour, Dandy Mall… etc.), how much you will buy and what you will choose to buy are determined by the size of the trolley, not by what you need; as it's not likely to see someone pushing a trolley with only a leaf of bread in it. This way you kill your immanence, your right to choose.. And so one makes one's choices according to the machine not to what one needs.
2-  With the increase in items, and with the increase in the available brands of the same item, the person naturally tends to buy more than one brand of the item and more than one item; so salaries have to increase as well, and they increase to a point where the owner of the market can't bear it; and there comes dependence on technology (from trolley to camera to cashier… etc.), so employment decreases and unemployment increases; a pedantic would say, "Then people can work for the factories that make these goods and these  brands." Well, assuming our country is a productive one, people will go to these factories, but the factories won't need much employment anymore, since technology has satisfied their needs to employment, and made it faster and less expensive for the employers. So, there becomes no place for these poor unemployed.
Even though, let's not forget that our country is a consumptive not a productive one (and this is the big challenge).

The solution, my friend, is, as I see it, to apply Socialism (without taking the concept of total nationalization) with some Capitalism, without following the first blindly or dissolving into the second, but by making our own model (Our Theme)… That is, the best of roses are blends.

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